And didn't Russell decide that this type of paradox should be outlawed from 
allowable statements within the practice of logic?      m.a.

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  Or the barber is a special exception to the group designated as "men" and 
exists on a higher level of being. Therefore he can shave himself without 
transgressing the rule as stated in the premise. Isn't this one of Russell's 
paradoxes?       marty a.

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    Bruno, we had similar puzzles in middle school in the 30s. 
    The barber could not shave himself because he shaved only those who did not 
shave themselves (and shaved all). So for  (Q #1) in the 1st vriant 
    she(?) was a female, unless he(?) was a beardless male
    (and the 'all' refers to only the bearded males requiring a shave).  
    Q#2 is beyond me, I do not resort to a QM-pattern like Schrodinger's cat. 
    (Sh/H)e is either-or, not both. 

    John M

    On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 12:00 PM, Bruno Marchal <> wrote:


      I am so buzy that I have not the time to give long explanations, so I
      give here a short exercise and a subject of reflexion instead.


      There is Tyrannic country where by law it was forbidden for any man to
      have a beard.
      And there is village, in that country, and it is said that there is a
      barber in that village, who shaves all and only the men who don't
      shave themselves.

      Two questions:

      1) What is the gender of the barber?
      2) What the hell has all this to do with diagonalization, ...  and
      universal machine?

      Have a good day,



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