Hi Fellow Everything Listers,


               I would like to confess a prejudice on this issue: I strongly
suspect that 1) That the universe at its most basic level is quantum
(Platonia would be a deeper level of course)  2) There is a quantum
component to the brain and 3) that this component *can* act to "select"
and/or bias aspects of the wave function such that there is a difference
that makes a difference between Man and Rock. 


               Now, having made such a confession I must admit that I am
hard pressed to offer any concrete proof, other that hand waving references
like "there has to be some reason why I experience this particular
1-universe rather than some other". I realize that this puts me in a
precarious position. ;)





Stephen P. King




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I am a compatibilist. Free will necessitates determinism. It makes people
choosing to do what their want, notably when choosing between alternatives.
But they cannot choose what they want. This depends on many factors.


Free will is a high level phenomenon. Adding indeterminacy is irrelevant,
concerning free-will. Adding indeterminacy in a choice can only lessen the
freeness of the will.


Cashmore demolishes a naive notion of free-will which makes no sense at the
start. We can do freely actions, even when our friends who know us can
predict the action. Free will is the ability to choose, among alternatives,
in general with incomplete information, the actions which maximize some
self-satisfiability constraints. It is self-determination.



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