On 3/12/2010 12:49 PM, John Mikes wrote:
why should I accept opinions of (even respected!) scientists? I asked YOUR opinion.

You mean when you wrote, "So what kind of a 'universe' is it? bootstrap, self reflecting autodidacta? Creator-made?"

I'm not sure I have anything strong enough to even constitute an opinion as to what the universe *is*, except in the rather trivial sense that it is the most comprehensive model I use to explain things to myself. Intuitively I'm attracted to a neutral monist model.

Old (ancient) savants based their conclusions on a much smaller cognitive
inventory of the world than what epistemy provided up-to-date. Furthermore the basic worldview they think 'in' is mostly different from the one I use (accept). Don't forget that IMO chemistry (after my 38 patents in it) is a /_figment_/ based on the 'physical worldview' - the explanational attempts of poorly understood phenomena
- mostly on mathematical basis (which makes it a bit lopsided at best).
I consider 'Quantum science' as an 'extension' (?) of physics, less pragmatic and less clear - with more (scientific) fantasy included. A segment in the 'totality'-view, what I would like to attain as an interrelated complexity of them all (known and unknown). Axioms? artifacts derived to make our (conventional) sciences valid. With different
logic (worldview?) different axioms may be necessary.

I agree. Axioms are just some hypotheses we entertain and logic is just some rules to try to avoid talking nonsense.

And to the view that so many people accept Q-Sci I think of times when almost ALL of the scientifically thinking people on Earth believed the Flat Earth (and other oldie
systems as well, during the development of our cultural history).
Science is not a democratic voting occasion.
John M

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