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> So how does a person "have" a brain?  Why does a computation need one?

"To the Hindu, for example, God didn't create the universe, but God
became the universe. Then he forgot that he became the universe. Why
would God do this? Basically, for entertainment. You create a universe,
and that in itself is very exciting. But then what? Should you sit back
and watch this universe of yours having all the fun? No, you should have
all the fun yourself. To accomplish this, God transformed into the whole
universe. God is the Universe, and everything in it. But the universe
doesn't know that because that would ruin the suspense. The universe is
God's great drama, and God is the stage, the actors, and the audience
all at once. The title of this epic drama is "The Great Unknown
Outcome." Throw in potent elements like passion, love, hate, good, evil,
free will; and who knows what will happen? No one knows, and that is
what keeps the universe interesting. But everyone will have a good
time. And there is never really any danger, because everyone is really
God, and God is really just playing around."

This quote from Warren Sharpe from
pretty much answers the "why", I think. Just being conscious without a
universe to play in isn't much of an existence, is it?
Mark Buda <>
I get my monkeys for nothing and my chimps for free.

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