On Apr 2, 11:42 pm, Russell Standish <li...@hpcoders.com.au> wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 02, 2011 at 05:12:28AM -0700, Nick Prince wrote:
> > Hi Russell
> > I have considered also the possibility that the NCDSC may not
> > necessarilly operate simultaneously - this would imply temporary 3rd
> > person culde sacs!  Just as in Bruno's teleportation experiment, there
> > is no reason why the reconstitution of the individual cannot be
> > delayed. From the ist person pov, everything works the same and
> > continuity is experienced.  I'm unsure how this fits in with MWI
> > though. Such delays would not be easily accounted for in the state
> > vector's superposition.  Hence if someone reaches a NCDS event and
> > somehow later on they find a consistent extension in a simulation of
> > some sort, then what happens to the temporary branch cul de sac in
> > terms of a quantum mechanical explanation?
> > Nick Prince
> It doesn't really make sense to say 3rd person cul-de-sacs. These would be
> just regular deaths, as we see all around us, all the time.
> When you say temporary cul-de-sacs, do you mean after which there is
> some kind of amnesia, and then you follow a non cul-de-sac history? If
> these really existed, then I would say the NCDS conjecture is refuted,
> and QTI, stricto-sensu, is false. But, its going to be hard to come up
> with such a scenario. The best I could do was after decapitation,
> there are reports of some people indicating they're still conscious
> seconds later. But even these scenarios are not immune to the waking
> up after a dream explanation.
> Cheers
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Hi Russell

Hi Russell

Sorry I'm not making it clear what I meant – but I think I may have
got a handle on it now.  I was thinking about Bruno’s  thought
experiment. Suppose I am encoded in Brussels, my original is destroyed
and I am  reconstituted in Moscow and Washington. The reconstitution
in Moscow is immediate, but in Washington, it  takes  place after a
delay of a year or so.

Now this single universe process is assumed to carry over into the
case of a universe which splits via MWI, at an appropriate time, into
one where I survive some disaster and another in which I do not.  But
suppose in the one where I do not survive, the medics manage to make a
copy of me which gets activated a year or so later.  This then mirrors
Bruno’s experiment.  Now I think I was getting mixed up about
Microscopic and macroscopic things and thought that somehow this
violated QM in some way.  However as long as the copying process
produces an “appropriate” Hamiltonian representing the “me” which is
sufficient to encapsulate what was essentially my consciousness and
“state” prior to the split, then the gap should be just the same as in
Bruno’s example.  Would you (anyone) disagree?  What constitutes an
appropriate Hamiltonian of me is another issue, but in principle this
is what I am thinking is the way to approach the two parallel



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