Hi Evgenii,

I expect you are not alone in struggling with the Natural Computation (NC) vs Artificial Computation (AC) idea. The difference is in the paper and should be non-existent of COMP is true. The paper then shows a place where it can't be true hence AC and NC are different .ie. the natural world is not computation of the Turing-machine kind( at least to the extent needed to construct a scientist, which includes the need to create a liar). It's all quite convoluted, but nevertheless sufficient to help an engineer like me make a design choice... which I have done.

I hope over time these ideas will not grate on the mind quite so much.


Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:

Thanks for the paper. I have just browsed it. Two small notes.

I like [Turing et al., 2008]. It seems that he has passed his test successfully.

I find term Natural Computation (NC) a bit confusing. I guess that I understand what you means but the term Computation sounds ambiguously, because then it is completely unclear what it means in such a context.


On 07.06.2011 09:42 Colin Hales said the following:

Hales, C. G. 'On the Status of Computationalism as a Law of Nature',
 International Journal of Machine Consciousness vol. 3, no. 1, 2011.


The paper has finally been published. Phew what an epic!



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