On 04 Jul 2011, at 20:09, meekerdb wrote:

On 7/4/2011 1:40 AM, Constantine Pseudonymous wrote:
"1) More is answered by:
A: "Math -> Matter -> Minds" (or as Bruno suggests "Math -> Minds ->
Matter") than by
B: "Matter ->  Minds ->  Math", or
C: "Minds ->  (Matter, Math)". "

You forgot to mention the possibility that they all arise

or that perhaps they are all essentially the same.... perhaps they
can't really be differentiated... and perhaps they don't really arise
in a linear sequence...

matter-> mind-> math... this is naturalism, and most peoples view...
the dominant view of science and what all its work is currently based

Bruno wants you to think that math->  mind->  matter is platonism or
pythagorean... but it really isn't..... it is much much more
complicated then that.....

I like   Matter->Minds->Math
            ^                          |
            |_____________ |

It might be that the prime numbers are so perverse that their distribution already emulate a quantum universal dovetailer, although they seem today more emulate quantum chaos or heavy nuclei ...

But comp does not give much choice and literally forces [ number -> mind -> matter] being more correct, and then, it is also the only way to get the quanta and the qualia, the provable and the 'truth' which extends it.



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