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Sent: Monday, June 06, 2011 12:30 PM
Subject: Re: Mathematical closure of consciousness and computation


Note also, that it can be proved that for all correct Löbian machine, S4Grz = 
S4Grz*. The knower is the same from the science and the theological 
perspective. The knower does not inherit the true/provable G*/G splitting. 
This is quite amazing, and leads to the attachment of a form of 
solipsism/intuitionism for the first person view. Again, this is coherent with 
our experiences. Even if we are not solipsist, we cannot deny that our 
experiences are lived in a solipsistic way. Only strong form of telepathy would 
be able to change  such fact.

HI Bruno,

    Try this paper. :-)

Quantum Pseudo-Telepathy 
Authors: Gilles Brassard, Anne Broadbent, Alain Tapp
(Submitted on 27 Jul 2004 (v1), last revised 22 Nov 2004 (this version, v3))
  Abstract: Quantum information processing is at the crossroads of physics, 
mathematics and computer science. It is concerned with that we can and cannot 
do with quantum information that goes beyond the abilities of classical 
information processing devices. Communication complexity is an area of 
classical computer science that aims at quantifying the amount of communication 
necessary to solve distributed computational problems. Quantum communication 
complexity uses quantum mechanics to reduce the amount of communication that 
would be classically required. 
  Pseudo-telepathy is a surprising application of quantum information 
processing to communication complexity. Thanks to entanglement, perhaps the 
most nonclassical manifestation of quantum mechanics, two or more quantum 
players can accomplish a distributed task with no need for communication 
whatsoever, which would be an impossible feat for classical players. 
  After a detailed overview of the principle and purpose of pseudo-telepathy, 
we present a survey of recent and no-so-recent work on the subject. In 
particular, we describe and analyse all the pseudo-telepathy games currently 
known to the authors. 

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