On Jul 30, 1:24 am, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:

> What if this group of biological neurons was involved in storing a memory of
> one's grandmother, and therefore they only activate when the person is
> thinking of her?  Would that mean that this hybrid artificial/biological
> brain would only be conscious when remembering his grandmother and
> unconscious at all other periods in time?  If the hybrid brain can be
> conscious when not remembering its grandmother, then what role or purpose do
> the biologival neurons serve in that time?

No, the biological neurons would be potentially able to IGoogle up
grandma. I suspect that any role the neurons played previously would
shift to that of executive functions. Theoretically of course. If a
skin cell can become a neuron, then neurons from anywhere in the body
could probably learn to be boss of the brain.

> You might argue that the biological neurons would have to be in some more
> critical or central area of the brain, but there is no such center of the
> brain where everything comes together.

Right, I'm saying that they would adapt to use the robot neurons as
slaves just on the strength of their molecular intelligence and
cellular survival.


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