On 8/2/2011 2:58 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
I've been repeating this over and over but nobody seems to recognize
it. Whether or not something is deemed to be 'acting like a conscious
being' just means that something resembles yourself in it's physical
appearance and behavior enough that you infer it to have an interior
environment similar to your own. It has little to do with whether or
not arithmetic can be made to feel or believe something. That is what
I am saying is a category error.

You have to keep repeating it because you also keep repeating that an artificial being can't really appear to be conscious (to his wife). This implies that is something more than physics and chemistry behind the behavior that we (and his wife) interpret as consciousness; because the physics and chemistry can be simulated computationally. I understand that you deny the simulated physics and chemistry would instantiate consciousness. But you don't seem to recognize that this implies that the real physics and chemistry couldn't either.

So which is it.  Can there be a philosophical zombie or not?


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