On 8/9/2011 9:48 PM, Jason Resch wrote:

That is explained as an illusion in GR for an eternal black hole. In Susskinds theory the in-falling person is both smeared (in
    strings) on the horizon and *also* destroyed in the singularity,
    so that when the BH evaporates the information is recovered.

While I don't understand all the details of Susskind's theory, my understanding was that Susskind is generally accepted to have won his bet with Stephen Hawking in so far as information is not destroyed in black holes.

Incidentally, I have a paper written by a friend who explains in fairly easily understood mathematics (some calculus needed) why Susskind's idea of black hole complementarity is probably wrong. It's in PDF and is only 107Kb. I'll send it to anyone who's interested.


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