I watched this video on youtube where Nick Bostrom was talking about
the Fermi paradox :


1. If the great filter is between having a planet and a civilization
like ours then it's very unlikely for us to develop into a super-

2. If the great filter is between ourselves and a hypothetical mega-
rare-super-civilization then doesn't that imply the following?

a) If DA is true then every observer should reason as if they were a
radom sample drawn from the    set of all observers

b) If we a priori consider that a highly more advanced civilization
than us is highly more numerous in conscious beings than we are today
at our peak, considering DA must be true, then :

c) Shouldn't that random observer consider itself in the most numerous
civilization and, very likely, on the most advanced of them ?

So ours is one of the most advanced civilizations.


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