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"I don't think Dyson spheres are possible."

What law of physics do they violate?

"You seem to be hypothesizing an ET who is superhuman."

Good heavens, well of course I'm hypothesizing an ET who is superhuman!
Technology has only been on this planet for a few thousand years, imagine
is if had been a few billion. What with genetic engineering and smart
computers in just a century (probably much less) the most intelligent
species on Earth will be superhuman, or there won't be a intelligent
species at all.

"Or more likely he is just too far away"

Interstellar distances are only a problem on a human timescale, and I'm not
talking about humans.

" his species didn't last long enough."

Maybe, but what killed them off?

"It seems doubtful whether our civilization will be able to get past oil
> depletion"

We have the technology right now to build Thorium fission reactors that
could give us far more energy than oil ever could. And even if our
civilization dies a new one would spring up almost immediately, a few
thousand years at most.

"and global warming."

I'm far from convinced that global warming is even a bad thing, the climate
on Earth is always changing. I have no reason to think the exact
temperature the Earth is at now is the perfect temperature for human beings.

  John K Clark

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