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> I just understand that intelligence is an evolution of emotion,

There is simply no logical way that could be true. However important it may
be to us Evolution can not see emotion or consciousness, Evolution can only
see actions, so either emotion and consciousness are a byproduct of
intelligence or emotion and consciousness do not exist. Perhaps you will
insist that emotion and consciousness will join the very long list of
things that you say do not exist  (bits electrons information logic etc)
but I am of the opinion that consciousness and emotion do in fact exist.

> > I also understand that electronic computers use semiconductors which I
> know have not evolved into organisms and do not seem to be capable of what
> I would call sensation.

My arguments are based on logic, your argument is that computers just don't
feel squishy enough for your taste.

> Logic plays a part but mainly it's [...]

Not logical.

> My house got struck by lightning right after I really figured out the
> photon theory. I had left my computer on with a website on the biography of
> Tesla on the screen while we saw a movie. True 
> story.http://www.stationlink.com/lightning/IMG_1981.JPG

Interesting, but I don't see the relevance.

> > You don't deny free will, you just deny that it's possible to even
> conceive of it in the first place. Ohh kayy...

Fortunately I cannot conceive of something happening for a reason and not
happening for a reason at the same time. I say "fortunately" because there
is a word to describe people who can conceive of such a contradiction,

> 'Computers' that are in use now have not even improved meaningfully in
> the last 15 years. Is Windows 7, XP, 2000, really much better then Windows
> 98?

I don't know a lot about Windows 7 but I do know that my Macintosh is one
hell of a lot better than my old steam powered Windows 98 boat anchor. And
in 1998 the most elite AI researchers on the planet working with 30 million
dollar supercomputers the size of a small cathedral could not do anything
that came even close to what Siri can do on that $399 iPhone in your
pocket, those poor 1998 guys weren't even in the same universe.

And it took Evolution 4 billion years to make human level intelligence, but
humans have only been working on AI for about 50 years. So yes at that rate
I think computers will be smarter than humans at EVERYTHING in 15 to 65
years, and I'd be more surprised if it took longer than 65 years than if it
took less than 15; but even if it took 10 or 100 times that long it would
still be virtually instantaneous on the geological timescale that Evolution
deals with. Oh well, 99% of the species that have ever existed are extinct
and we are about to join their number, but at least we will leave behind a
new and more advanced descendent species.

  John K Clark

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