On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 4:51 PM, Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com>wrote:

 > If cancer had free will then you could make a deal with it.

I do make a deal with cancer, if you die I will stop trying to kill you.

> They [computers] aren't smarter than us, they just [...]

Again with the "they just"!  So computers aren't smarter than us, they just
can outsmart us; thus I submit that in your vocabulary not only is the
ASCII string "free will" meaningless but so is "smarter". Personally I
don't think that's very smart.

> If people had no free will we would would not bother with imprisonment,
> we would just exterminate them.

So you believe people like me advocate freeing murderers and think we
should stop hindering them in their homicidal pursuits. I don't think
that's very smart either.

> The universe is not completely logical [...] The reality of the universe
> does not have to fit in with logic  [...] Logic 101 is reductionist theory.
> It's not reality.

And now even logic itself joins information and electrons and bits and time
and space and I've lost track of how many other things that do not exist,
at least according to you.  If logic does not exist, if you would not
change your position even if you admitted it was riddled with logical
inconsistencies and circularity then I think this group deserves a
explanation of what exactly the ground rules are and why this debate with
you should continue.

 John K Clark

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