On Fri, Jan 27, 2012  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Smarter is legitimately ambiguous

It's not ambiguous in the slightest, according to you it's all very clear
cut: if a human does it then it's smart and if a computer does it then it's
not. Nothing could be simpler, or stupider.

> No. They can out compute us. They can measure more units of Shannon
> information per second.

Call it whatever you want but computers can figure out, think, calculate or
compute ways to arrange things their way despite our best efforts to
arrange things our way. That situation is usually described as "being

> Denying the common usage of the word free will

The common usage of "free will" is gibberish and I could no more deny it
than I could deny a burp.

 >  as autonomy or conscious choice is an egotistical defense mechanism
> that I don't take seriously.

And despite the torrent of mindless verbiage you produce whenever I mention
it, the simple fact remains that a choice, conscious or otherwise, was made
for a reason or it was made for no reason.

> If you ask people whether computers are smart, what will they say?"

I don't give a damn what they say I care what they do. If the computer has
outsmarted a person and then that same person starts saying that the
computer isn't really smart, well, I don't understand how anyone could hear
such self serving remarks without laughing.

> I have defined trivial intelligence vs understanding,

You understand the problem superbly but can not solve it, but the other
fellow has no understanding of the problem at all but nevertheless can
solve it. BALONEY! That's just sour grapes and making lame excuses for your
failure and for the other fellow's success. It may hurt your pride but its
time to face reality, the other fellow is just smarter than you.

> Without free will, what would be the difference between killing someone
> and not killing them?

In one case somebody is dead in the other case they are not.

> Logic is a way of making sense, but it is not the only way.

I see, you're not even attempting to make your views logical.

> It occurs to me that the occidental mindset has a hard time noticing that
> there are other parties involved in matters of negotiation and reason.

That's the fourth time you've made a tasteless crack about occidentals; is
it supposed to be less offensive than talking about a stereotypical
"oriental mindset" or "negro mindset"? It occurs to me that you just don't
like round eyed white devils very much.

  John K Clark

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