On 2/10/2012 5:26 AM, Stephen P. King wrote:
Now we can
quibble about this and discuss how in Special Relativistic situations we
can indeed have situations there "X caused Y" is true for some frames of
reference and "Y caused X" for some other frame of reference, but this
dilemma can be resolved by considering the effect of a finite speed of
light whose "speed" is an invariant for all observers, e.g. general

This wrong. SR shows that it can be the case "X is before Y" in one frame and "Y is before X" in a different frame moving relative to the first frame. This means X and Y are spacelike separated. But you can't have "X caused Y" in one frame and "Y caused X" in another. "X caused Y" implies that Y is in the timelike or null future of X; a relation that preserved in all Lorentz frames.


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