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while the other gives you a simple view, but it also tells you that there's more than you can see. Some people seem bothered about this 'more' part, especially if it's not obviously accessible (although I'd debate this being the case with COMP).

I'm not bothered, but neither am I convinced. The branches of the MWI are not obviously accessible and in fact they are not accessible at all. I wouldn't say that rules them out - but it doesn't count in their favor.

The branches comes from the superposition, and their linear contagion which is unavoidable if we postulate that QM applies to the physical in general. So the branches are not accessible through interaction, but they are still accessible through the interferences, and extrapolating QM on the observers. To avoid the parallel branches we must add something to QM (like the collapse), and this can be made only by assuming that something (measuring apparatus, macro-object, consciousness?) does not obey to QM. With comp, things are even more simple (conceptually): the (finite pieces of) parallel computations exist like prime number or total computable functions exist, in a weak common sense of mathematical existence, and the statistical interferences comes from the first person indeterminacy, and the shapes it has to take with the self- referential correctness constraints.



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