On 4/5/2012 11:49 AM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:

Display to whom? the homunculus?

No, he creates an interesting scheme to escape the homunculus:

p. 110. “(1) the unconscious brain constructs a display in a medium, that of conscious perception, fundamentally different from its usual medium of electrochemical activity in and between nerve cells;

Is it a physical medium, made of quarks and electrons? Is it an immaterial soul stuff? Or is it just a placeholder name for a gap in the theory?

(2) it inspects the conscious constructed display;

Is the display conscious or the 'it' that's doing the inspection.

(3) it uses the results of the display to change the working of its usual electrochemical medium.”

Sounds like a soul or homunculus to me.

Hence the unconscious brain does the job.

But the display is denoted 'conscious'?  Is it not part of  the brain?

I should say that this does not answer my personal inquiry on how I perceive a three dimensional world, but this is another problem. In his book, Jeffrey Gray offers quite a plausible scheme.

Doesn't sound anymore plausible than a conscious spirit.


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