On Apr 5, 12:41 pm, Evgenii Rudnyi <use...@rudnyi.ru> wrote:

> We do not know what kind of computing brain does. It well might be that
> at the level of neuron nets it was simpler to create a conscious display
> than to employ other means.

That assumes that such a means was a prori possible. Why would it be?
It would probably be even simpler to create telepathy or omniscience.
Without any hint of explanation of where the potential for 'display'
could come from, I can't consider it a realistic possibility.

> On the other hand, the robotics has yet to
> prove that they can reach the behavioral level of for example mammals.
> This has not been done yet. One cannot exclude that the progress here
> will be achieved only when people will find a trick how a brain creates
> conscious experience.

It's not a trick. I think that every natural whole subject has
experience. A human being is a complex natural whole and it has a
complex experience. A robot is not a natural whole subject, it is an
assembly of parts. To get to natural wholes in a robot you have to get
down to molecules.


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