On 5/14/2012 1:58 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Qualia aspect?
Please consider my 'rigid' agnostic stance with all those unknowable aspects playing into - what you so succinctly call: 'qualia' - I struggled for a long time to boil down my MOST GENERALIZED definition for something that would cover what many of us (?) call consciousness.
I don't want to put a partial group of qualia on the banner.
Besides: I fell into my own concept of 'networks of Networks (Karl Jaspers Forum TA62MIK) according to which there is no limitation how far connections may go.
So whatever I would name 'qualia' is by Occam's razor.
Not as a term of the infinite complexity I have in mind.

No offense intended, but I strongly doubt that you can be conscious of infinite complexity. ISTM that what one is conscious of is almost coextensive with what you can put into symbols: language, music, gestures, pictures. Experiments with language and music suggest that you can only process about 50bits/sec.


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