FREE means being *able *to choose *any *among a number of choices.  You
want freedom of will to mean an agent can choose something beyond what the
given choices are?  That would imply free will does not exist yet, in that
event, free will is still NOT meaningless.

Right now I am unconcerned with whether free will exists or not.  I am
concerned with the statement ""free will" is meaningless."  I have given a
definition, borrowed from the SEP, that is as good a definition as for any
concept (outside mathematical ones).

> It certainly IS not meaningless and IS an identification, however not of a
> *FREE* will. It is a decision between "given" choices. "Tomorrow" more
> info may be given to us and our today's choice may be overridden.
> What I consider a *"free will"*  is independent of the 'choices' we  *G E
> T* and is solely formatted by our (pesonal? inside?) mindset (call it
> will?). We, however, are part of a more extended (expanded?) world, I like
> to call it 'Everything' (an infinite complexity of so far(?) unknowable
> content) and all of its influences (may) contribute to our 'decisionmaking'
> although we may not know about either the nature of most of those
> influences, nor that we ARE responding to them.

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