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> There are no experts in this field because there is no field.
> The field does exist.

What does a expert on theology know about the nature of reality that a
non-expert does not?

 > Presumably there were questions that he [Newton] had found important. It
> might be interesting to understand what questions touched him and what has
> happened with these questions at present.

I don't think it would be interesting at all, in fact I'd rather have my
teeth drilled than read Newton on theology. Newton was I think the greatest
genius the Human Race has yet produced, he was also vain arrogant
vindictive and completely humorless, but those are all minor points
compared with his virtues. The real tragedy was that this colossal
intellect was horribly infected with the religious meme. This meme hijacked
most of his massive mental machinery and forced it to think and write far
more about religion than about Science. Today even Theologians admit that
the many millions of words that he wrote about The Bible are worthless, and
if there is one thing Theologians have a lot of experience with is
worthless ideas. Newton advanced Science more than any other Human Being
but I think it's one of the great tragedies of History that the rarest,
most valuable quality that has ever existed in the world was not used to
full advantage. Imagine what Newton could have accomplished if his mind had
not been caught in a infinite loop, and I blame religion for that.

> The question where in physicalism numbers are located is also interesting
> indeed. If you know the answer, I would appreciate it.

The number eleven is located just below green a little to the right of big
above sweet and between fast and pneumatic.

  John K Clark

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