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In Germany theology still belongs to universities. What I like is
that you will find as a department of theoretical theology as well
as a department of practical theology.

I disagree, I don't like it. You are assuming that there exists a
organized field of knowledge called "theology", but I can not find
the slightest evidence that is in fact true.

I am not an expert in this field but here is for example just a link to the university in Freiburg


where you see that the faculty of theology is there. You will find the same at other German universities.


Lawrence Krauss said
that it is his habit to ask every theologian he meets "what advances
in theology have been made in the last 400 years?", but he has never
received a straight answer from a single one of them, the best he has
gotten was "what do you mean by advances?". A expert in mathematics
or physics or biology or literature or ANY other field would not give
a weasel answer like that, they'd just rattle off a list of advances,
but not theology. He also said he was on a panel at a college and
somebody asked another scientist there why there is something rather
than nothing and the scientist said "that's a question to ask the
head of the theology department not me", but Krauss said "why ask him
rather than the college gardener or plumber or cook?". I have no
answer to Krauss's question because like him I think that where
theology is concerned there is no expertise and no field.

John K Clark

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