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 > As far as I understand, theology is about beliefs

Theology is about believing in something when there is absolutely no reason
for doing so, it is called "faith". Theologians say this is a wonderful
virtue and I can understand perfectly why a human being would try to peddle
faith as the highest virtue because if you were trying to push a idea that
makes no sense faith turns a disadvantage into a advantage. But I'll be
damned (literally) if I understand why a omnipotent omniscient being thinks
faith is a good thing and even tries to trick us into believing He does not
exist and will torture us for eternity if this omnipotent being succeeds in
fooling us because we don't have enough faith.

> Could you offer some more meaningful picture on the relationship between
> mathematics and physics?

You demand I give a SPATIAL relationship between consciousness and numbers
and various adjectives like Evgenii Rudnyi, you wanted to know where they
are located, where they existed in space. I thought I did a good job
telling you exactly where the number eleven is located but perhaps I'm
wrong and it's really just below yellow (not green) a little to the right
of big above sweet and between fast and pneumatic. Let's get in the car and
go there right now and see if its there.

  John K Clark

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