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Maybe that's what the smarter ones think privately but that is most certainly NOT what they preach to their congregation on Sunday, if they even hinted at such a thing they'd be excommunicated and would no longer be catholic theologians.

Hmm... That does not happen, for it would make disappear Catholicism in Europa. But that happens for the intellectual. My favorite catholic theologians has eventually been excommunicated indeed, and got professional problems, but only for his writing, and that is a constant in the history of the catholic Church. Why do you defend them? Why does atheists always defend the most conservative position in religion?

Because it is the politically powerful position and therefore the one most important to discredit and resist. No one cares what Sufi or Rastafarian theology is in Europe because they exercise no power.

OK. I do think that the best way to discredit and resist power-based theology consists in coming back with the scientific attitude in the field: keeping the question and discarding or criticizing the answers. It would be simpler to give an introductory course in scientific theology instaed of trying to oppose Darwin and creationist, which provides only fuels to obscurantist, as Darwin does not answer the question raised by the creationist, so they can keep their (admittedly insane) answers.

It looks like defending something stupid just to be able to say "I don't believe in it".

Not defending - just not redefining.

But I do not redefine the questions. I just avoid the answer, and show that if we bet in comp, then the "consistent" theology has to be on the side of Plato, and not Aristotle, like the atheists seems to insist (in a non transparent way).

It looks better than using a word that appears to endorse the politically powerful while claiming to reform them.

It is better not to hide the questions in vocabulary discussions. I have already accepted to throw down the term "theology", but it makes things unclear, and eventually people dismiss the whole thing as being "theological", when they begin to grasp the question asked. So I prefer to warn in advance.


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