On Sat, Jul 21, 2012  Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> My favorite catholic theologians has eventually been excommunicated
> indeed, and got professional problems,

And so they are no longer catholic theologians, they should be proud of
their excommunication and shout from the rooftops "Good riddance to bad

** > Why do you defend them? Why does atheists always defend the most
> conservative position in religion? It looks like defending something stupid
> just to be able to say "I don't believe in it".

I think the ultimate nightmare would be to be tortured to give information
that you simply did not have, that's what would happen to me if the Gestapo
demanded I explain what you were talking about in the above.

 >> And a disbelief in a omniscient omnipotent being is all I mean when I
>> say I'm a atheist.
> > Theologians are thus atheists.

And so if you tell me "Bob is a theologian" I know absolutely posatively
nothing about Bob because now the word "Theologian" has joined "atheist",
"theist", "God" and of course "free will" as words that mean absolutely
positively nothing.

 >> and so anything, science, mathematics, philosophy, standup comedy,
>> every human activity becomes a "religion".
> > Indeed.

And so if you tell me "X is a religion" you have told me nothing about X
because meaning needs contrast and everything is a religion is equivalent
to nothing is a religion  and "religion" has now joined "theologian"
"atheist", "theist", "God" and  "free will" as words that mean precisely
nothing. At this rate of word extinction soon we'll have nothing but grunts
to communicate with.

  John K Clark

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