On 31 July 2012 10:08, Alberto G. Corona <agocor...@gmail.com> wrote:

 Materialism is a monism but has a hidden dualism that is converted back
> into monism by the process of avoiding delicate questions, for example the
> nature of perceptions and the nature of the suppossedly "external"
> phenomenons that they affirm that they study, This i suspect, does not
> resist a deep examination. Within the monist sceintist,  It resurfaces in
> the mathematical nature of reality that implies a dualism between matter
> and (some) mathematics. That is because matter ,and  perceived phenomenons
> of "reality" are nothing but mental categories like electron, Person, among
> other more abstract like USA or Vanity or Essence,  all of them have some
> correspondence with the outer world, that I argue, is purely mathematical.
> This is the world outside of the mind. Any way you take it, wether the mind
> is a product of the matter or the opposite or something else, there are two
> different realities. no matter if you put both in a single substance, or
> you divide them

Well said.


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