Bruno wrote:
"And my (older) definition asks for one more thing: it is that the subject 
know (is aware or is conscious) about that inability and that he can still 
make the decision. There is a reflexion on the possibilities. If not, all 
non sentient beings have trivially free will."
This is pretty much what I was thinking... It appears we live in a cause 
and effect universe. Things do not happen without cause. There is a 
decision making process each concious being embodies that is governed by 
cause and effect, while the being cannot understand the process in it's 
entirety, so thinks they have some magic called free will. The being has a 
will, the being embodies the decision making mechanism, the being's 
mechanism makes a choice, even if the being decides to make a random 
choice, it is the being's choice. The being's very existence is made 
possible by cause and effect, and so it's decisions are governed likewise. 
The being emodies a will, it can be called a free will if you like, but it 
is not free from the cause & effect process. Even though in a multiverse a 
cause can have multiple effects. But that's another issue. A being can 
embody a will, a free will as the being views it, but still be governed by 
a complex cause & effect process. The concepts are not really at odds with 
one another, as this being sees it.
- Roy

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