On 12.08.2012 09:45 Russell Standish said the following:
On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 08:48:06AM +0200, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:

Please look at self-driving cars from the Standford course on AI:


The question however, how you define intelligence so that to make
such a self-driving car more intelligent that a bacterium?


If the question is how to measure intelligence, I do not have an
answer. However, assuming you do have a satisfactory answer, I would
be surprised if a bacterium has a measure much above zero, whereas I
would expect something like Google's self-driving car would measure
significantly more highly, though still much less than a typical human

However, without such a measure, a statement that life is mostly unintelligent is ill-defined.

In general, if we assume inexorable physicals laws, for example the M-theory from Grad Design, then it is unclear to me what the meaning of the next statement could be:

"The behavior of this conglomerate of particles and fields is more intelligent than of that conglomerate of particle and fields."


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