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5.Inference is logical, and logic swims upstream against time.
/ "Prolog’s backward-chaining strategy dualizes this by viewing logic as primary and time as swimming upstream against logic, / / but this amounts to the same thing. The basic idea is that time and logic flow in opposite directions."/

Logic, including Prolog, has no concept of time. Creating temporal logics is a subject of research.


Hi Brent,

You might like to actually read the entire paper. We have to stop thinking of time as a "dimension" with material substantist implications. The point is that logic's version of time is the chaining of implications, like what we see in law as stare decisis <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precedent>. It flows in the opposite direction of time. Logic looks back to be sure that any new event does not generate a contradiction and material states flow forward giving us the notion of causality. This also makes the relation between thermodynamic entropy and information entropy make perfect sense and prevents the White Rabbit problem without even trying hard. Inconsistent event are simply not allowed to occur, but this forced "consistency" is over spans that do not just look at the human level of things. This is how we get a symmetric ontology and a consistent dualism, unlike the Cartesian failure. Time flow one direction for matter and implication flows in the opposite direction for its dual. Take this duality to the ultimate level and the differences, flows and change vanishes, leaving a neutral monism ala B. Russell's idea. Bruno is only looking at the logical side of the dualism that Pratt sketched out in his work. I have laboring hard to get Bruno to see the necessity of the other side.



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

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