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>> No, it doesn't mean that at all. If the billion people interact so as
>> to mimic the behaviour of the neurons in a brain, resulting in the
>> ability to (for example) converse in natural language, then the idea
>> is that the billion-person brain would have consciousness. This
>> consciousness would have nothing to do with the consciousness of the
>> billion people producing it; I don't know what my neurons are doing
>> and my neurons individually certainly don't know what I am doing.
> You are confirming what I have said. You are saying that a billion people
> doing the appropriate computations on paper with pencils and erasers and
> telephones to talk to each other would create a magical personality that
> nobody would know about but nonetheless would be born into the universe as a
> thinking, feeling, eating, crapping being. This being is literally made out
> of nothing at all except the fact of these computations taking place
> somewhere...but where? You say not in the consciousness of the brains of the
> people, so where? In the lead of the pencils on paper? In the signals of the
> telephone calls? Why is this new being local to this process? How is it
> attached to the computation-ness?

If neurons can give rise to thinking beings then why can't billions of
people? What essential quality do the neurons have that people lack?

Stathis Papaioannou

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