Bruno Marchal wrote:
> On 06 Sep 2012, at 13:31, benjayk wrote:
>> Quantum effects beyond individual brains (suggested by psi) can't be
>> computed as well: No matter what I compute in my brain, this doesn't
>> entangle it with other brains since computation is classical.
> The UD emulates all quantum computer, as they do not violate Church  
> Thesis.
I am not talking about quantum computers, which are not entangled with their
I am talking about systems that are entangled to other systems.
The computational model just doesn't describe that, because it in it there
is no way for one computation to affect another computation (or something
else) without using input/output.

Yet in QM this is possible through entanglement.

No matter how good your simulation is, it is never going to change its
surroundings without using I/O.


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