On 24 Sep 2012, at 12:39, Roger Clough wrote:

Hi Bruno Marchal

Numbers are not in spacetime, that is, are not at location r at time t.
So they are ideas,

God's ideas? Then I am OK. The comp God is arithmetical truth, so this works.

they are not physical.


To be physical you
have to have a specific location at a specific time.

I am OK with this, but note that it makes the Universe into a non physical object. The Universe cannot belong to a location r at time t, as it is the gauge making such position and time consistent in the picture.

This is not
my view, it is that of Descartes.

The same with arithmetic. Numbers and arithmetic statements are not at (r,t).


Which is not to say that they are not real, if by real I mean true
or as is without an observer. Like in a textbook.

OK. So you can understand how comp is interesting, as it explains (partially but more than any other theory) how the physical beliefs appears and why they come in two sort of shapes (quanta and qualia), and this without assuming anything more than elementary arithmetic and the invariance of consciousness for some digital transformations. Then the "big picture" happens to be closer to the neoplatonists one than the aristotelian one, which I think you should appreciate.



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