On 10/2/2012 2:57 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Stephen (and Bruno?)
What I called The Aris - Total- meaning Aristotle's maxim that /the 'whole' is bigger than the sum of its parts/ - means something else in MY agnosticism. Originally I included only the fact what Bruno pointed out now: that the PARTS (as accounted for) develop relations (qualia) adding to the totality they participate in. Lately, however, I added to my view that beyond the accountable *_parts _*(forget now the relations) there are participant 'inconnu'-s from outside our (inventoried) model knowable as of yesterday. So whatever we take inventory of is an (accountable) *_partial_* only. Beyond that - of course - Aristotle's 'total' (/_"material parts only")_/ of his inventory was truly smaller than the above *_TOTAL_* in its entire complexity. The fact that complexity-parts extracted, or replaced may not discontinue the function of the 'total' is my problem with death: how to identify THOSE important components which are inevitable for maintaining the function as was? (Comes back to my negative attitude towards transport - hype (to Moscow, or another planet/universe) - complexity has uncountable connections in the infinite relations. How much could we possibly include (in our wildest fantasy) into the tele-transporting of a "person" (or whatever) so that the original functionality should be still detectable?)

Yet we get time transported from last year to this year - with most of our atoms being replaced by others. We are not exactly the same - but "the same enough".


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