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>> A top-down effect of consciousness on matter could be inferred if
>> miraculous events were observed in neurophysiology research. The
>> consciousness itself cannot be directly observed.
> Hi Stathis,
>     This would be true only if consciousness is separate from matter, such
> as in Descartes failed theory of substance dualism. In the dual aspect
> theory that I am arguing for, there would never be any "miracles" that would
> contradict physical law. At most there would be statistical deviations from
> classical predictions. Check out http://boole.stanford.edu/pub/ratmech.pdf
> for details. My support for this theory and not materialism follows from
> materialism demonstrated inability to account for 1p. Dual aspect monism has
> 1p built in from first principles. BTW, I don't use the term "dualism" any
> more as what I am advocating seems to be too easily confused with the failed
> version.

If there is no causal influence of consciousness on matter and the
matter just follows the laws of physics then, if the laws of physics
are computable, computationalism is established; and even if the laws
of physics are not computable functionalism can still be established.

Stathis Papaioannou

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