On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 8:10 PM, Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com>wrote:

> > I think he [Chambers] goes wrong by assuming a priori that consciousness
> is functional,

I've asked you this question dozens of times but you have never coherently
answered it: If consciousness doesn't do anything then Evolution can't see
it, so how and why did Evolution produce it? The fact that you have no
answer to this means your ideas are fatally flawed.

> that personal consciousness is an assembly of sub-personal parts which
> can be isolated and reproduced based on exterior behavior. I don't assume
> that at all.

And I've asked you another question that you also have no answer for: If we
can deduce nothing about consciousness from behavior then why do you
believe that your fellow human beings are conscious when they are behaving
as if they are awake, and why do you believe that they are not conscious
when they are sleeping or undergoing anesthesia or behaving as if they were
dead and rotting in the ground?

  John K Clark

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