On 11/4/2012 12:01 PM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
[SPK] Does the One have a Concept of The One as its unique 1p?

I think the inner God, alias the "arithmetical" 1p (not arithmetical in the logician sense, but still applying to the machine) , alias Bp & p (Theaetetus on Bp) can be said to be a unique abstract person.

But it is not the 1p of the one, it is the 1p of the Man.

Open problem for me if Arithmetical truth can be seen as a person or not.

Dear Bruno,

I am making a conjecture that Arithmetical truth (AT) cannot be seen as a singular person and pursuing the consequences of that conjecture. I claim that, at best, AT is the mutual consistent set of predicates (?) within the individual 1p of at least 3 entities. This follows from my definitions of information and Reality.



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