On 11/4/2012 12:05 PM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Dear Bruno,

The primacy of 17 or 43 or any other number is such that it can be apprehended, at least in principle, by /at least one entity/ (please note that this is a lower bound concept!). This implies that in the absence of that possibility of apprehension (by at least one entity) that there is no such thing as primeness.

This is totally ridiculous, Stephen. With comp, it is obvious that the primacy of 43 is conceptually far simpler than the (true) fact that the primacy of 43 can be apprehended by a type of machine/numbers.

You are like a biologist telling Morgan that it is stupid to hope to understand the genetic of the fly before understanding the genetic of the zoologist.


Dear Bruno,

NO! What I am doing is like demanding that Morgan exists before I will agree that Morgan knows about the genetics of a fly.



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