On 07 Nov 2012, at 13:42, Craig Weinberg wrote:

Can anyone explain why geometry/topology would exist in a comp universe?

The execution of the UD cab be shown to be emulated (in Turing sense) by the arithmetical relation (even by the degree four diophantine polynomial). This contains all dovetailing done on almost all possible mathematical structure.

This answer your question, but the real genuine answer should explain why some geometries and topologies are stastically stable, and here the reason have to rely on the way the relative numbers can see themselves, that is the arithmetical points of view.

In this case it can be shown that the S4Grz1 hypostase lead to typical topologies, that the Z1* and X1* logics leads to Hilbert space/von Neuman algebra, Temperley Lieb couplings, braids and hopefully quantum computers.

No need to go that far. Just keep in mind that arithmetic emulates even just the quantum wave applied to the Milky way initial conditions. And with comp, the creature in there can be shown to participate in forums and asking similar question, and they are not zombies (given comp, mainly by step 8).



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