On Wednesday, November 7, 2012 10:58:12 AM UTC-5, rclough wrote:
> Hi Craig Weinberg 
> According to Kant, the fundamentals or primitives of spacetime objects 
> are the two fundamental (inextended) intuitions: 
> 1) a sliver of time alone (showing when something happens) 
> and 2)  a frame of space alone (showuing what happens). 
> If you join these primitives, then you get an extended object in 
> spacetime. 

I agree with Kant (well sort of... I think that there aren't really slivers 
of time or frames of space, but rather a universe of sense which presents 
itself as private temporal experience and public spatial realism), but what 
I am asking about is comp. I think that the fact that geometry exists 
negates comp.


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