On 11/11/2012 10:34 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

On 10 Nov 2012, at 12:32, Roger Clough wrote:

Hi Bruno Marchal

Plato says that we all live in a dark cave, seeing only
shadows on the wall, eager to see the light outside.
So there is at least a duality which I call platonia (heaven)
and contingia (earth).

OK. For example with heaven played by the truth of all the propositions. But earth, with comp, belongs to heaven, or at least on the path of going back to the one, among many path. The existence of the paths are necessary, but the memory of the path is half in heaven, and half in particular contingent geographico-historical context.

Platonia contains the necessary stuff, the dark cave we live in
contains the contingent stuff.

The dark cave might be the physical universe. It is the border of the universal mind reality. An object whose mathematics is amenable to number theory, or computer science.

We cannot experimentally make the difference between a law, or an instantiation of a deeper law. We cannot separate experimentally geography and physics, but we can define physics by what gives the universal prediction by different universal beings, and with comp this is enough to define a precise indeterminacy domain from which the universal beings can seen aspects of the universal border.

Comp reopens the debate between Plato and Aristotle. At the least, it shows that science has not decided this, and it illustrates, by listening what the machines can already say about them, another rationalist conception of reality, which gives sense to the Pythagorean neoplatonist negative theology.


Dear Bruno,

This is wonderful! Now, all I want from you is that you consider the idea that "knowledge is not free". There is a cost in resource utilization (or entropy generation) to gain knowledge. I hope to have a more coherent formula involving the Blum measure soon.



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