On 12/16/2012 1:40 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

On 06 Dec 2012, at 15:00, Roger Clough wrote:

Hi Stephen P. King
OK, after thinking it over, it seems there's two ways of thinking
about L's metaphysics.
1) (My way) The Idealist way, that being L's metaphysics as is.
2) (Your way) The atheist/materialist way, that being the usual
atheist/materialistc view of the universe --- as long as you
realize that strictly speaking this is not correct, but the universe
acts "as if" there's no God. I have trouble with this view
in speaking of "mental space", but I suppose you can
consider mental states to exist "as if" they are real.
L's metaphysics has no conflicts with the phenomenol
world (the physical world you see and that of science),
but L would say that strictly speaking, the phenomenol world is
not real, only its monadic representation is real.
I have not yet worked Bruno's view into this scheme, but
a first guess is that Bruno's world is 2).

Atheism is a variant of christinanism.

The atheists believe in the god MATTER (primitive physical universe), and seems to make sense only of the most naive conception of the Christian God, even if it is to deny it.

I am personally not an atheists at all as I do not believe in primitive matter. I am agnostic, but I can prove that the CTM is incompatible with that belief. I do believe in the God of Plato (Truth).

But you don't believe in the god of theism, the omnipotent, ominibenevolent, omnibeneficent person who judges, punishes, and rewards. So I'd say your an atheist - if I were so bold as to say what other people mean when they designate their beliefs.


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