On 12/16/2012 8:57 PM, Telmo Menezes wrote:
Hi Richard,

    I believe in the one god of CTM and its (X & Z) logically derived
    string theory that is omnipotent (contains and carries out the laws of

When people claim that an entity is omnipotent, they are generally implying intentionality on the part of the entity.

omniscient (instantly senses the entire universe),

Same thing. It is implied that "someone" is doing the sensing.

omnipresent (is distributed throughout the universe),

Proponents of classical physics could have claimed the same thing.

    but not
    necessarily omnibenevolent,
    that sustains one physical universe while knowing (computing) all
    possible universes. What label do I deserve?

Atheist. You don't seem to believe in deities.

If he believes in a omnipotent, or even just very powerful, creator/person who doesn't meddle in the universe (sort 'the great programmer') and doesn't care what humans do, then he's a deist.


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