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The 1p is not left out. Eventually comp singles out eight person points of view. If you think comp left out the person, you miss the meaning of the
comp hope, or the comp fear.


Why just 8? I would have expected every possible "person points pf view"
consistent with MWI. Richard

There is 8 main types of points of view given by:

Dear Bruno,




Bp & p


Bp & Dt


Bp & Dt & p


   I count 5. Where are 6, 7 and 8?

Still sleeping near the heat system in the classrom :)

1 is divine
2 splits into G and G*. Thay split into a terrestrial person and a divine person.
3 is both terrestrial and divine (the soul does not split)

4 splits, 5 splits (there are really four material hypostases, but the quantum appears apparently only on the divine part of the person, which is normal with the infinite origin of matter, by the 1p- indeterminacy).

See sane04 for more detail. Bp is the arithmetical formula beweisbar of Göel 1931, p is an arbitrary Sigma_1 sentences.

   OK, is it correct that there are countably many Sigma_1 sentences?


In fact it is 4 + 4*infinity, as you have also all B^n p + D^m t with n < m. This gives a graded set of quantum logics.

   I wish you could discuss the meaning of these two sentences.

At times.

And they all have different "color" for different machines, that is, the logic of those points of view are the same for all correct machines, but their explicit content can be completely different.


How many "colors" are there and what acts to distinguish them from each other?

Aleph_zero, and personal judgement.

They appear in 2^aleph_zero, though. (a priori), and that can play a role for the qualia "color", not the color used in the metaphorical sense above.



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