Hi meekerdb and Stephen,

If information is stored in quantum form,
I can't see why the number of particles
in the universe can be a limiting fsactor.
Also there are ways of storing information
holographically, so size gets a bit ambiguous.    

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On 12/18/2012 1:12 PM, Stephen P. King wrote: 
    We have many entities that are available to agree that 2+2=4 (for all sizes 
of 2 and 4 that we can find), 2^90 entities at least! Every particle that exist 
in our universe that can hold a bit of data and all possible combinations of 
them that agree on some "laws of physics".

I've only been able to communicate with a few of what I call 'human beings'.  
All those particle are inferences that I and the other 'human beings' have put 
in our model of the world to explain the 'facts' on which we have 
intersubjectively agreed.  In our model, the particles don't have opinions.  In 
fact the whole idea of particle is something which has very few properties and 
hence is completely understandable (wouldn't be much point in making a theory 
out of pieces you don't understand).


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