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> >> If, as so many have, you redefine the word "God"  to mean "a power
>> greater than myself" then I am a theist who firmly believes in God because
>> I believe that bulldozers exist.
> > Bulldozers are not responsible for your existence.

Both my parents were bulldozer drivers who first met at a bulldozer
convention. So a bulldozer is God.

> one consistent notion of God is enough to make atheism into a dogmatic
> (non rational) belief

There is no way to make sense out of the notion of God, but you can
redefine the word "God" so radically that it becomes virtually
unrecognizable to the billions of religious on this planet, and then and
only then does the word "God" correspond with something that actually
exists, even if there is already plenty of perfectly good words for that
thing. People just want to say they believe in G-O-D, what the word
actually means is unimportant.

> I have never met a theologian genuinely believing in both omnipotence and
> omniscience.

I've had 13 years of formal religious training and I never met a theologian
who didn't preach that God was omnipotent and omniscient. I don't know how
many genuinely believed in the bullshit they were spouting but I'd guess
most of them did, certainly the vast majority of those listening to the
crap swallowed every word  of it, in fact I think I was the only one who
did not.

  John K Clark

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