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> reason is the devil's whore.

I'll bet if it supported their beliefs the religious would like reason just

> > That's why we Lutherans rely first on faith

So God gave us a brain but doesn't want us to use it and He thinks the very
highest virtue is stupidity. It's very hard to figure out why a omniscient
would want us to be dumb, but it's very very easy to figure out why human
charlatans would push this idea, stupid people are easier to control.

> Second on the Bible.

I don't think anybody on this list has ever mentioned Grimm's Fairy Tales
or quoted from that book, but the Bible is constantly talked about. Why the
difference? Why is it that even in the 21'th century people still organize
expeditions to find Noah's arc but not to find the giant shoe that the old
lady lived in who had so many children she didn't know what to do? The shoe
story is far more reasonable and intelligent than the Noah story and yet
people look for the arc but not the giant shoe. Why?

There can only be one answer, because when they were infants Mommy and
Daddy told them the Bible was true and Grimm's Fairy Tales was not and the
very young are genetically disposed to believe everything adults tell them
even into adulthood; that is also the only reason that strongly held
religious beliefs and geography have such a enormously strong relationship.

  John K Clark

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