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On Saturday, January 12, 2013 7:48:13 AM UTC-5, Alberto G.Corona wrote:
> Space and time may be a perception of the mind in the Kantian sense. I 
> donĀ“t find that space must be independent of the mind.  space and time may 
> be the way  we perceive a space-time manifold which is pure mathematical 
> and nothing else.

If something was purely mathematical, how could anything perceive it?

> Maybe we can see space out there 

We can't see space out there. We see colors and shapes which invite a 
spatial interpretation based on our experience of navigating our own body 
through a world of tangible bodies.

> and we can think on geometrical figures in space (not algebraically) 
>  because we have space-mode rasoning on the mind, not because space 
> is pre-existent to the mind, neither because space is something in 
> mathematics, because space is described in math without gemetry.

Is space inevitable in math without geometry, or is it just adapted to math 
from a geometric analysis of our bodily experience?


> And may be that the autopoietic computation, in the forms of natural 
> selection, life and mind are trajectories in the space-time manifold, 
> which, when looked closely form outside space-time,  they are nothing but 
> fortunate collisions of particle trajectories and molecules so that entropy 
> stay controlled along these lines, with no reason but fortunate manifold 
> structure and fortunate initial conditions.  But looked from inside it 
> appears to have phenomena like matter space, causality, termodinamic 
> irreversibility, time, minds etc.
> -- 
> Alberto. 

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