On 1/16/2013 3:54 PM, Stephen P. King wrote:
On 1/16/2013 1:52 PM, meekerdb wrote:
On 1/16/2013 1:45 AM, Telmo Menezes wrote:

      Now the same PR firms are hired by the oil and coal industry to obfuscate 
    problem of global warming.

And meanwhile we disregard other options out of ideology, namely 

They are disregarded not out of ideology; they are disregarded because the global warming denial industry has succeeded in obfuscating the science so that people think there is great uncertainty about the problem. Of course they are not going to do anything about a problem they are not sure exists, and certainly not anything so drastic, and whose consequences are as difficult to predict, as geo-engineering.


There are a couple of very interesting proposals on that front that are dismissed without proper thought. Global warming can kill us all, but so can energy shortage.

Hi Brent,

Why is it that almost all of the Green proposals are exactly what would be required to push civilization back to the Stone age, once implemented fully?

And those would be what? Solar power, geo-thermal power, tidal power, wind power, liquid thorium reactors - which exactly do you see as stone age technology?

Frankly, I worry more about the impending Ice age which is about over due if the cycle that we see in the Vostok icecore data is real.

Ice Core

Maybe you wouldn't be so worried if you noticed that CO2 peaked at 300ppm on all those warm cycles and it's now at 390ppm and climbing so fast it's just a vertical line on the above time scale (unlike the previous cycles). Or maybe you're just part of the denialist industry.


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